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V8 Vantage Supersports Rear Section 2005 On - AWAS053S
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V8 Vantage Supersports Rear Section 2005 On
Product Code: AWAS053S
£2016.00 inclusive of VAT

Product Description:
V8 VANTAGE Supersports Rear Section 2005 on
Quick info V8: sports system--power increase as shown with parts description sound-louder at higher rev range only more suited for town driving supersports system-- power increase as shown with parts description, sound higher volume than standard again louder at higher rev range supersports + system--power increase as shown with parts description, sound pretty full on really loud ( more for track days). Quicksilver Exhaust Systems has been a recognised maker of original and 'Sports' performance stainless steel exhaust systems for the World's finest classic, prestige and exotic sports cars since 1973.
QuickSilver's superior exhaust systems are a combination of British motorsport technology and traditional craftsmanship. All exhausts are manufactured by craftsmen to ensure exquisite performance, appearance and sound. Manufactured from highest quality stainless steel, these systems can give increased power output and a much improved tone to the exhaust note.
Key features include: Unique crisp sound rising in proportion with rpm Dyno tests awaited – about 20bhp improvement is expected, more torque and better throttle response Huge weight reduction from rear of car – 10.4Kg lighter than stock – with benefits to all areas of performance Accelerated gas-flow draws heat away more efficiently to reduce under-floor temperatures Entirely manufactured from aircraft grade 304 austenitic stainless steel including the flanges Bolt-on fit.
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