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Perfect Wheels - VP3SW
Perfect Wheels
Product Code: VP3SW
£16.99 inclusive of VAT

Product Description:
Autogylm The Collection - Perfect Wheels
Your 3-Step Routine for stunning wheels
1. Clean
Clean Wheels
2. Polish
Instand Tyre Dressing
3. Protect
Alloy Wheel Seal
Clean wheels is the perfect cleaner for regular alloy wheels. The fast acting formula removes dirt and brake dust from your wheels quickly, effectively and safely.
Dressing your tyres returns them to natural black sheen, making older rubber look new again. This is an essential step for the perfectionist.
Alloy wheel seal is a protective coating for all types of wheel. It is easy to use and makes on going wheel care simple. Dirt is caught on the coating rather than attacking the wheel directly. 
Included in this collection:
500ml CW
500ml ITD
450ml AWS

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