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Intermittent wash wipe upgrade for classic Aston Martin



How many times do you find when driving that you instinctively reach for the windscreen wash-wipe, or find that the precipitation is insufficient to have the wipers on full time and instinctively look for the intermittent wipe? On one’s own everyday car, these things we take for granted and we find them convenient, help us to be safe and we don’t scratch the windscreen by dragging wiper blades across a dry and dirty windscreen..

To have these features on a classic car of the fifties and sixties was a rarity and such features were never provided on the DB4, 5 or 6 or on the DBS. The DB2 cars were similar. Various companies have in the past attempted to offer an upgrade for such cars but these have all been discontinued, because the type of windscreen wiper motor fitted to such cars is obsolescent and spare parts are unobtainable.

The Installation
We have now developed our solution to this problem. A simple push on the windscreen wiper rotary switch will activate the washer and at the same time cause the wipers to make between 4 and 6 sweeps depending on how long the washer is activated, Additionally, we have created an intermittent wipe facility with a simple additional switch to activate it.

A part but essential feature of this upgrade is also to replace the old and obsolescent wiper motor with a current production item. It retains the 2-speed, self-parking features of the original, but offer a higher power, is quieter in operation and requires no physical modifications to the car except a replacement mounting bracket. It retains the original 3-position rotary windscreen wiper switch and does not require any visible changes to the dashboard. Furthermore, it provides a reliable alternative to the original motor that is now well worn.

Installing the enhancements
We think that this is a real safety feature; one that would be widely appreciated. However, the wiring changes necessary to accommodate this upgrade are quite involved and tricky to do. It will also be necessary to convert the car to negative earth, which may involve additional modifications to certain gauges and the clock. We would recommend that we install this upgrade or that a fully qualified auto electrician who is familiar with Aston Martin cars of the period undertakes it.

What to do next

If you would like to discuss the possibilty of fitting this upgrade to your car, please contact our workshop manager, John Gray on 01207 233 525.

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