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Millers Vsp Fuel Treatment (250ml) - MILN273
Millers Vsp Fuel Treatment (250ml)
Product Code: MILN273
£6.10 inclusive of VAT

Product Description:
Description Millers Vsp Fuel Treatment (250ml)

Substitute and Octane Improver. Specially developed fuel treatment based on Manganese chemistry.

Use as recommended as an additive to petrol to provide a performance similar to the old 4 star leaded fuel. All vehicles designed to run on 97+ octane.

Add the bottle contents to 40 litres of unleaded petrol. All vehicles with cast iron cylinder heads or soft valve seats designed to run on leaded fuel. Always add VSP to tank before filling with petrol. Use with every fill up.
User Benefits
Endorsed by the FBHVC for valve seat recession protection. * Increases the octane of the fuel by up to 2 octane numbers (20 points).

Improves combustion process by controlling propagation of flame front resulting in reduced risk of detonation and smoother engine running. Can be used with complete safety in turbocharged engines. Does not contribute to valve stick even at double treatment. Will not increase engine wear or produce any adverse engine deposits. No ignition adjustments necessary. Will mix safely with LRP leaded petrol and other additives containing potassium or phosphorus.
Performance Profile
One of only a few products officially endorsed by the FBHVC (Federation of Historic Vehicle Clubs) after extensive and closely monitored testing. Extensive test bed and road evaluation in wide range of engine types. Confirming excellent valve seat recession protection when using unleaded petrol.

Increased concentrations of 1 bottle to 20 litres of fuel can be used in safety for high speed running. Viscosity / Typical Characteristics Pale orange liquid. Delivers 36 mg/litre Manganese when diluted in 40 litres fuel.


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